Now 30 years DJ’ING and Producing! I will never stop! Till I drop and die…


Samuel Skrbinsek aka Sam Junk started 1988 to produce electronic music with only 16 years on a C64 and AMIGA. Till today Sam uses untill hundreds of aliases for thousands of releases!

It was the time of pure Acid House and Rave Music. First releases from Sam were in Belgium, where the NEWBEAT sound was already strongs for years. In 1993 he get in contact with Music Mail (Upbeat Records Stuttgart) and Formaldehyd Records Berlin. On this Labels he gets the first massive Vinyl Club Hits. The next years he got deals on many differnt underground vinyl Labels all around the planet.

With the ANGELS REVERSE trance project he got also an massive UK chart hit – it was also a massive club hit all over the world. With ESPUMA – ULTIMATE TRIP he sold over 25.000 vinyls which was also NO.1 in the dutch trance club charts for weeks – this was a massive time. After a longer workship with Gary D. (R.I.P.) and over 15 years playing all over the planet, he is now back to zero. Back to Techno, Acid & House. This is the sound where every starts 30 years ago – and still strong.

Here are some Sam Junk Booking facts:

Energy / Street Parade Zürich (CH), Antiworld London (UK), WEMF Toronto (CAN), Boomtown Festival (UK), Waldfrieden / Wonderland (Germany), Bass Station Melbourne (AUS), Burning Man (USA), Goliath (DE / CH), Storm (UK), Contact (UK), UK44 (UK), Premonition Plymouth (UK), Oxa Club Zurich (CH), Giga Parc Germany, Sounds Of Nature (SLO), Love Parade, Airbeat One, Q-Base & Defqon1 (NL), The Bridge Club Resident Meppen, Whitewolf (CH), Areamito Sardegna (ITA), Number One Milano (ITA), Fun Factory Wildeshausen, Melody Of Madness Berlin, Deathrave Berlin, Friedlich Feiern Berlin, Resolution (UK), Fantasy Island (UK), Tunnel Club, Time Tunnel, Rave The Place Kiel, Goodgreef Manchester (UK), BIONIC Bristol (UK) and much much more…


From 1990 to 2018 – the Junk History

„Sunstar – Balearic Desire“ from the year 2001

„Angels Reverse – Don’t Care“ from the year 2001

„Espuma – Ultimate Trip“ from the year 1999

„Samira – My Dream““ from the year 1999

„Antrieb – Menschen 2000“ from the year 1999

„Sam-Pling meets Rene Ablaze – Back On Plastique“ from the year 1998

„Exlex – Hold Back The Feeling“ (Formaldhyd Records- Berlin) from the year 1993

„Sam Junk – Junkah Beat“ (Audio Safari Records – Hamburg) from the year 2017

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"I never think about to do something that people tell me. I always do my own thing - for 30 years now. I will never stop!"